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Learn the Basics of Business

Learn what makes a successful. Create your own business model canvas to visualize what your business could look like.

Market Research and Creating a Value Proposition

Discover the trends that are moving your industry and how you can capitalize on them. You will also learn how to properly identify your competition and customer demographics.

Marketing, Sales, and Managing Your Team

Learn the skills you need to craft a message that allows your brand to stand out from the competition. You will also learn how to develop a marketing plan that allows you to attract, nurture, and convert customers to grow your business.

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Finance and Accounting

Financial management is the lifeline of your business. Get a crash course in understanding financial statements and how they impact your business decisions.

Write Your Business Plan and Create Your Pitch Deck

Develop a detailed business plan and pitch deck to outline your goals.

 Application submissions for the third session of the SBDC BizAccelerator is closed. 

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