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Starting a New Business

Starting and growing a business requires extensive planning, preparation and hard-work. You will have many questions as you go through the process of starting, running, or growing your business.  But before you speak with a professional SBDC consultant, or attend an SBDC educational event, you may want to explore certain topics your own.

Business Plans
An old adage states that 1 in 1000 people have an idea, 1 in 100 write it down, 1 in 10 will succeed. Writing down your idea is the first step to success; this is why having a business plan is critical. Follow the links below to learn more about starting a new business and the planning process.

The PDF outline is for a basic business plan, not a comprehensive plan, and is designed to help you get started on your plan. If you are interested in writing a more in-depth plan that focuses on the strategic planning and marketing of your business, please discuss it with your consultant.

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